So that was Mrs. Lundegaard on the floor in there. And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper. And those three people in Brainerd.

"Donnie Darko." What the hell kind of name is that? It’s like some sort of superhero or something.


Silent Horror

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)
Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari (1920)
Körkarlen (1921)
The Man Who Laughs (1928)
Kurutta ippêji (1926)
La chute de la maison Usher (1928)
The Cat and the Canary (1927)
Orlacs Hände (1924)
Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2002)

Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better, even of their blunders.

“Because sometimes, the way he looks at me? I think: Man of my dreams … this man of mine may kill me. This man may truly … kill me.” — Amy Elliott Dunne, Gone Girl


The Cabinet of Dr Caligari dir. Robert Wiene (1920, Germany)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Costume Test

In bocca al lupo.


inside The Grand Budapest Hotel

“Is someone different at age 18 or 60? I believe one stays the same.” 

- Hayao Miyazaki

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (dir. David Fincher, cinematography by Jeff Cronenweth, 2011)
Jessica Chastain photographed by Peter Hapak


Kurosawa and Bergman